Dart Wars

Dart Wars is a kid-friendly foam dart game played on a 3600 square foot turf field.


Dart Wars is played on a 3600 square foot turf field where players are provided with a safety glasses and a five shooter foam dart gun. While in the arena players will have access to unlimited ammo that is scattered all around the field. Players are placed into teams and given an objective to complete in a 10-minute time period. These games are fast paced, adrenaline rushing challenges that the whole family can enjoy together!

How to Play

Ages 3+. Dart Wars can be played in 4 different variations. Check them out!

This game is a great way to start a party off! Great for young players and “pros”! All you need to know is how to shoot. There are no rules to this game, just keep loading the Dart Gun and SHOOT! Have a specific target in mind? GO GET ‘EM!
In this game the objective is to not get tagged by a Dart. If a player gets hit, he holds his hand up in the air for 5 seconds. In these 5 seconds why not do a little dance?! You can’t have a party without dancing, right?! After 5 seconds is up, players can take revenge on their tagger!
If you’ve ever played Capture the Flag, then you know the objective is to take the other teams flag to your team’s start off position to gain a point. Same thing applies here, but instead of a flag we use a ball! Each team will have a ball to protect. The objective is to cross over to the other team’s side, obtain their flag, and bring it back without being tagged with a dart. When a player is tagged with a Dart he must go back to base for 10 seconds. If a player has the flag when he is tagged, he simply places it down where he was when he was hit and then goes back to home base. Once on the ground, the flag is fair game! Players can bring it back to their base to gain a point or to prevent the opposing team from gaining a point. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game, wins!
This game is like tag with a twist! All players have a Dart gun, except one person (The “Zombie”). The Zombie’s objective is to tag another player 3 times. Once a player is tagged 3 times (By any “Zombie”) he turns into a “Zombie” himself! Tagged players place their Dart gun in a box provided to show other players that he is now a “Zombie” too. As the game progresses there will be 2 Zombies… Then 3.. Until all players are Zombies! If all players are Zombies before time is up, a referee will assign random players to be Humans. During game play “Humans” can shoot the “Zombie” to stop them from being tagged. The “Zombie” is then immobilized and will then put his/her hand up in the air for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds the Zombie is free to move.

What is it Like?

Projectile Pain
Skill Level


3-Game Pack – $20  |  5-Game Pack – $30

  • 1 round    $  8.00 pp
  • 2 rounds $14.00 pp
  • 3 rounds $20.00 pp
  • 4 rounds $25.00 pp
  • 5 rounds $30.00 pp

All games are 10 minutes long.

All game options include all required equipment.

Equipment Required

All required equipment for this game (Foam dart gun, unlimited ammo, and safety glasses) is included.

  • Foam dart gun (you may bring your own!)
  • Ammo
  • Safety glasses
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Dart Wars Hours

  • Sunday – 12pm to 8pm
  • Monday – 12pm to 8pm
  • Tuesday – 12pm to 8pm
  • Wednesday – 12pm to 8pm
  • Thursday – 12pm to 8pm
  • Friday – 12pm to 8pm
  • Saturday – 11:30am to 8:00pm

Dart Wars Events Coming Up

Suggested Attire

All participants must wear safety glasses while in the arena. The remainder of your attire should be whatever is most comfortable to you. This game is intended for (almost) all ages and projectiles in this game do not hurt, so thick protective clothing should be unnecessary.

For Your Safety

A waiver must be completed to participate in this game. Prior to entering the arena, a staff member will escort you to our safety briefing area where you will watch a 4 minute video, listen to an explanation of the game rules, and learn about arena safety and how to use the equipment. Any questions or concerns will be answered during the safety briefing.