UNLIMITED Airsoft Play

Enjoy unlimited Airsoft play during normal operating hours !!!

UNLIMITED Paintball Play

Enjoy unlimited paintball play during normal hours, including FREE gun rental and ammo!

DISCOUNTED Lazer Wars Play

Enjoy discounted (matinee) pricing on laser tag during all normal operating hours!


Please call 401-305-3600 to join or come in and ask for the Membership!

Yes, however BGZ required age limits must be reached. You must be 10 years+ to play Airsoft & Paintball and 5 years+ to play Laser Tag.

Our other activities (not included in the BattlePass) age requirements are as follows:

  • Gel Blaster 7+
  • Dodgeball 7+
  • Archery Tag 7+
  • Dart Wars 3+

You can add up to 3 Immediate Family Members, however “Immediate Family” for the purpose of a BattlePass membership is defined as:

  • Mother or father
  • Son or daughter
  • Sister or brother
  • Stepparents, stepchildren, or stepsiblings.


  • Lives at the same address
  • Is billed to the same credit card

A premium .20g or .25g BB like a Valken, King Arms, or Elite Force BB or you can purchase house ammunition here in our retail store.

No, if renewing your membership without interruption, you will not be charged an activation fee again. This includes “on hold” memberships.

At any time during your current membership or immediately following your last paid period, you may place your BattlePass membership on hold for $10/mo.
This will allow you to use your remaining months once you lift the hold on a quarterly/yearly membership. It will also allow you to maintain your current pricing if done immediately following your last paid period.

No, a hold is like a temporary pause in your membership. Once you lift the hold, you may use your membership perks again.

Yes. Upon checking in, all guns you bring on premise be checked by a staff member through our chronographer to be sure it is shooting at or below field limits. This limit is 350fps with a .25g BB. All weapons must be brought on premise in a bag that completely covers it, such as a duffel bag. All weapons taken out of bag must have its own barrel cover. We have these for sale if needed.

No. These activities will be charged at regular price.

You may cancel anytime after you have held your membership in good standing for 3 full months. This must be done in writing through email or in-person.


Billing Terms & Conditions

Fees must be paid via a valid credit card or debit card. You must have a valid phone number and e-mail address on file with BGZ. You will be billed on the 1st of each month.

Any credit card changes to your account must be made 3 business days prior to the 1st of each month.
You may place an EFT on hold for $10/month. There is no reactivation fee for memberships on hold, and your previous monthly rate is retained.
Any missed payments or declined cards will result in a $5 service charge per occurrence. If your card is declined will charge the account again in 3 days. We will attempt to contact you for a new form of payment.

For the security of your account, changes that affect your Credit Card charge (including number, expiration date, and added family or features) must be made in person or over the phone by the Primary Account Holder.


Your membership will automatically continue monthly at the same rate you originally signed up for as long as your account is in good standing. If you do not want to have your membership renew after the 3 month minimum, submit your cancellation request in writing via email @[email protected] or mail/bring to: BattlegroundZ, 100 Higginson Ave, Unit 6, Lincoln, RI 02865 at least 14 days before the last day of the month.

There is no cancellation fee unless your commitment is not fulfilled. Cancellations must be done in writing or email to [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to automatic billing.

If you cancel your 3 month membership after the first or second month, you will incur a $95 cancellation fee.

BGZ reserves the right to cancel a membership of any member caught violating BGZ safety rules, misconduct, or destruction to property without notice. We will make every possible effort to correct any behavior we see unfit before cancelling a membership.