Gel Blaster Players gear up with either our red full face mask or the blue depending on what team they are on, and what the game mode is. Directions are given to participants on the field, handed their gel blaster filler with 400 balls and the 10 minute game begins! Caution, this game is so much fun shooting the fully automatic blaster, that you may forgot the objective of the game. Extra ammo can be purchased for $3 per 400 balls. These games are fast paced, adrenaline rushing challenges that the whole family can enjoy together!

How To Play

Ages 7+. There are many different ways to play …
Free-for-all, Capture the Flag, even Humans vs. Vampires… It’s all up to the group.
This is a fun game for children and adults alike.

What is it Like?

Projectile Pain
Skill Level


Pay by the Game (All games are 10 minutes long)
1 – $8 | 2 – $14 | 3 – $20 | 4 – $25 | 5 – $30

Equipment Required

All required equipment for this game is included.

  • Gel Blaster gun
  • Face protector