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Laser Wars Pricing
1 Round
2 Rounds
3 Rounds
4 Rounds
5 Rounds
All Day Pass
Unlimited Thursdays 6PM-10PM - $16

**Matinee Special
Mon-Fri Until 6PM
Buy two rounds get one free (Per Person)


Around you everything is glowing…your surroundings seem unfamiliar...the music begins... suddenly you feel you may have been abducted by aliens and placed in an observation room when FLASH!, a red beam of light comes directly at you!

This is how the game of laser tag begins, in a 3000 square foot playing arena, split into two large rooms that are illuminated with black light. Glow-in-the-dark Lexan partitions are spread throughout the arena for players to take cover behind. To begin, players are shown a three minute instructional video. After any questions are answered, players put on their state-of-the-art, fiber optic illuminated vests, with attached phaser. The phaser gives voice commands/prompts throughout the game. Players aim at illuminated targets on the opponents’ vests’, and shoots the phaser’s laser light beam to score points.

The laser light has no feeling to the opponent, but when hit, the vest will be inoperable for 5 seconds. The playing area is interactive/ the play area has home bases that will shoot a laser beam at you & deduct points. The object is to score the highest points.

Typically, when playing in large groups, your group will play the first round of laser tag one-on-one. Then, two teams will be formed, and the next two games will be played team vs. team.

Score cards are presented immediately after the game to the players and shows scores on the number of times you were hit, who hit you, and your ranking.

Playing safe is important. Be sure to visit the Laser Wars rules page.

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